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Friday, January 17, 2014

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Honey Good for Dogs, Cats - Honey is a Natural, Healthful, Healing Food

In this article…
1.   Introduction
2.   History of Honey - As a Food and Medicine
3.   Health Promoting Properties of Honey
4.   Health Benefits of Honey - Prevent, Treat, Remedy Illness
5.   Defining and Understanding the Different Types of Honey
6.   How to Select a Quality Honey
7.   How to Store Honey - Retaining Quality
8.   How to Add Honey to Your Dog’s, Cat’s Diet
9.   Daily Dietary Dosage for Honey
10. Cautions and Interactions
The following provides a comprehensive guide on honey for you and your dog...
2.0 History of Honey - As a Food and
The use of honey as a beneficial food and medicine is mentioned in the ancient writings and depicted in the artwork of ancient civilizations and cultures such as those found in Egypt, Greece, Roman, Saxon, Christian (i.e. bible), Islam (i.e. Koran), Judea (i.e. Torah), Vedas. 
Physicians from ancient times have written about the many healing properties and uses of honey - those ancient practitioners that extolled honey’s virtues include Aristotle, Aristoxenus, Cornelius Celsus, Dioscorides, El Basry, El Mad Joussy, Hippocrates, Porphyry and many more.
The following chart provides just a few examples of honey’s use over the past thousands of years to present day…
150 Million Years
Oldest known physical evidence of bee-life…
150 million year old fossils of honey bees

7000 BC
Earliest known record of beekeeping…
found on Cave paintings in Spain
2400 BC
Earliest known record of apiculture - keeping bees in hives…
found in the Sun Temple near Cairo - the ancient Egyptians used honey in medicinal compounds and as a sweetener
2000 BC
First documented use of honey in wound management. The Egyptians cherished honey as a food.
2000 BC
Xin Dynasty Period …
First recorded use of Juice of Parrot Tree (Butea monosperma,  or palash on Sanskrit) and honey as an Ayurvedic curative
1000 BC
The Saxons used honey to treat…
Sties and wounds, including those from amputation
27 BC
Roman Empire…
The practice of bee keeping flourishes
27 BC
Roman Empire…
The practice of bee keeping flourishes

5  AD
Medieval Europe…
Use of honey as a therapeutic cure becomes very popular in England, Germany, Finland and Ireland
12 AD
Ancient Islamic literature honey bees are often extolled for their creativity, industry and intelligence. One such example is that of a Muslim physician who describes the many healing powers of honey.
50 AD
The ancient Greek physician Dioscorides uses honey to treat sunburn and infected wounds.
1368  AD
Ming Dynasty
Honey (Feng Mi) is praised by Li Shizhen for its many medicinal uses.
1446 AD
Honey is used as a therapeutic drug in combination with Alum to treat ulcers

1623 AD
Honey is used as an antiseptic and mouthwash        
1900 AD
Researchers begin to document the healing properties of honey - which later dies off due to the development of antibiotics. This research initiative will resume in the later part of the 20th century.
1913 AD
Second Balkan War…
Honey is used to heal the wounds of soldiers
Researchers at Purdue University discover that honey acts as a catalyst to calcium absorption in the body
2007 AD
A large hospital in New Zealand begins use of manuka honey to control MRSA 9methicillin-resistant Staphylococcue aureus) and other bacterial infections
Professor Basel Al Ramadi of the Microbiology and Immunology Department at UAE University discovers that Manuka honey can be used to inhibit the growth of several types of cancer.

In Europe, honey continued to be of great importance as a cherished food until the Renaissance period when sugar was introduced to the Europeans. In the seventeenth century - for the first time in its long history of use as a cherished food and sweetener, honey took a back seat to sugar.
Today sugar is recognized as a significant trigger for illness and disease including cancer, while honey is regaining its reputation as a health promoting, healing food and medicine.
The same properties that make honey valuable to human health make honey valuable to canine and feline health.

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