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Friday, November 13, 2015

Tardy Justice

"No sentence that I impose can undo the tragic consequences of this collision or compensate for that loss of the life of Bryan Casey."
Ontario Court Justice Neil Kozloff, Ottawa

"I pray sense is made of the sentence and hope it serves to prevent tragedies like this from shattering the lives of others."
"[I am determined to ensure that] our children have the future they would have had, had their father not been stolen from them."
LeeEllen Caroll, widow of Bryan Casey

"Within our circles, we characterize this as revictimization. How many times has the family been to court? And there was no reflection of that in the sentence."
Gregg Thomson, victim services worker, MADD
Christy Natsis - Oct. 2015
Pembroke dentist Dr. Christy Natsis leaves the Pembroke courthouse on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015 after her sentencing hearing concluded. She apologized for the 2011 drunk driving crash that killed Bryan Casey. (TONY SPEARS/Ottawa Sun/Postmedia Network)
Well, the 51-year-old dental professional had the financial means to do what others in a similar position wouldn't have within their means; she hired a high-priced lawyer known for his success in such matters. Christy Natsis, a well-known figure in Pembroke, hired trial lawyer Michael Edelson's firm to represent her at the trial that resulted from her having killed a man by plowing her expensive vehicle into his pick-up truck as he was returning home from work.

Mr. Edelson succeeded in having evidence collected and testified to by Ontario Provincial Police thrown out by casting aspersions on their professionalism, by claiming that they were responsible for abridging Ms. Natsis' legal rights, leading him to recommend to the presiding justice that all charges against Ms. Natsis be set aside. Leaving the judge to consider witness statements as evidence of Ms. Natsis' intoxicated state and irresponsible driving.

On the night of March 31, 2011, she was seen to leave a tavern, clearly intoxicated. She refused the advice of a man who appeared to be trying to convince her not to drive, and pulled away in her vehicle, striking another parked vehicle in the process, then veering wildly off onto the adjacent highway. She was seen to be driving erratically, by other drivers, at one point narrowly missing colliding with a cement barrier.

And then, still recklessly driving into the oncoming lane, directly into the truck being driven by Bryan Casey, 50, the father of three children. The trial that began in November of 2012, was strung out for over four years, with a whopping 55 trial days and a number of long breaks, all adding to the agonizing need for Mr. Casey's family to attend one trial date after another. For Ms. Casey was adamant; innocent of all charges.

And her lawyer, just as he had when he represented Margaret Trudeau, widow of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and mother of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, manipulated court events to the effect that Margaret Trudeau's legal rights were imposed upon, the result being that the breathalyzer proving she was driving under the influence of alcohol was thrown out, and she was released from responsibility for her actions.

She was acquitted, and the very same trial lawyer attempted to do the same for Christy Natsis. Ms. Natsis' arrogance at the time of the crash, her egotistical manner of demands, and her disinterest in the condition of the man she had hit, all spoke volumes about her character of entitlement. Her lawyer attempted throughout the trial to portray her as an innocent, a victim of police bias.

This poor woman, months after having killed a man, violated bail conditions by visiting an LCBO outlet and purchasing two bottles of vodka.

Finally, she was found guilty as charged. Even though her blood-alcohol reading, 2-1/2 times over the legal limit, had been thrown out as a result of her lawyer persuading the presiding judge that her rights had been abridged; again, like Ms. Trudeau, that her choice of lawyer had been interfered with. The weight of evidence sufficed to draw the inevitable conclusion of her guilt, despite her lawyer having impugned the professionalism of police and others giving evidence.

Sentenced to five years in prison for vehicular murder under the influence of alcohol. An additional 40 days for having violated her bail conditions to stay clear of the LCBO and not imbibe in alcohol. But she will be eligible for parole after serving one-third of her sentence. At which time it will be anyone's guess whether she will revert to type and once again pose a threat on the roads.



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