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Thursday, July 19, 2007

You Want Colour, Texture, Fragrance?

We're talking flowers here, summer flowers. Annuals that bloom bright and beautiful. We're talking garden pots, large, small, terra-cotta, glazed clay, 'stone'. Classical in shape or mere receivers of garden beauty. They all have their place in the garden as ornaments par excellence.

They all attract the eye. They surprise, comfort, connect and elicit admiration from the onlooker. Most particularly from the gardener who planned and planted them, who waters and fertilizes them. Who plucks look-alike weeds from among the foliage of the flower-producers. Who clucks over their health, and discards spent foliage and flowerheads.

They are not the backbone of the garden, but they most certainly are the equivalent of objets d'art in the garden. The bees love them, and as do hummingbirds, attracted by the promise of their bright colours, their open readiness to allow the extraction of their sweet nectar, their dusty pollen. Butterflies and beetles hover and zip about their bright attractiveness.

Any time you're passing by, drop in have a look around, enjoy yourself. Be my honoured guest.



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