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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Act In Haste, Repent At Leisure

The rather costly entitlements endowed to Heather Mills through her brief but productive marriage to Sir Paul McCartney demonstrate quite a number of truths. Not the least of which is that lonely men accustomed to having a loving woman around to comfort them are more than a little susceptible to the sweet blandishments of conniving women who can recognize opportunity when they meet it.

Mr. McCartney was like Muhammad meeting the mountain, but in his instance, it was a volcano he encountered, without recognizing its propensity to blow inordinate steam from its over-heated interior from time to time. There are nice men and there are nice, even-tempered women who may deserve each other's company, and then there are trustingly nice men incapable of peering beneath the veneer of some women whose temperaments may be quite unsuitable for long-term marital prospects.

They met, courted, married, and a child ensued. That same trite old story of coupledom throughout the ages. Along with the many failures that trip along so casually to break solemn vows. There are some women so consumed with their sense of entitlement that no placatory, emotion-filled promises and behaviours will suffice to still the tiger in them. These are also the women whose rage, when sufficiently irked, conspires to satisfy the beast within by shrill abuse and sharp violence. That's the distaff side.

On the spear side, there are those super-charged males so enamoured of their sexual prowess in the endless chase of bedding as many prey as possible that they're incapable of monogamy even though they may agree to live within the bonds of matrimony while prowling on the side. Which isn't quite as grievous as those men whose jealous streak of what they believe they own, entitles them to feel they're only doing what the situation requires when they batter their partner.

This pair was a clear mismatch. And now Ms. Mills can return to her original passion; defence of the defenceless, as a spokesperson for animal rights. They, at least, won't turn on her, and she won't mind that they remain ignorant of her work on their behalf, sliding about on ice floes, clutching baby seals to her bosom, them scurrying away in horror as a mother seal does its animal excoriation of human encroachment.

Sir Paul was a famed member of a world-renowned entertainment unit. He was handsomely recompensed for his talented performances, reaped adoration as a world-class celebrity, and was knighted in recognition of his part in adding lustre to British pride. A wealthy individual, a talented performer, purportedly a very nice person. A woman younger than he, caught on the rebound of mourning for his longtime wife and partner shared a brief few years with him, and bore a child.

And when their differences were identified as irreconcilable, she refused his gently generous offer of a $36-million settlement, opting instead for a more munificent $250-million. Final court adjudication resulted in a settlement of some $50-million, a sizeable fortune which will enable her to pick up where she left off, and in a style to which she has accustomed herself. Yet this ignobly greedy individual with an abusive temperament decries the fact that her ex-husband will pay a mere $70-thousand yearly to the upkeep of their daughter.

This is a sum beyond which most families can only hope to live with. Yet, Ms. Mills sneers that Mr. McCartney will travel in first-class style on his wealth, while feeling that it's good enough for their daughter to travel second-class on a mere $70-thousand a year. As though the $50-million settlement she has received is insufficient to spare a little toward the luxurious upkeep she imagines their child is entitled to.

All is well, however; she speaks of their parting as having been 'amicable'. Despite that Mr. McCartney had, inconceivably, locked her out of "every home" and had refused her access to joint bank accounts.

One can only hope he fully comprehends how fortunate he is to have been released from her constant close and malevolent presence in his life.



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