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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hunt On For Killer

Hungry for attention, so much so that there are no boundaries of human decency and morality that he will not transcend in a horrifying march to the kind of dreadful notoriety reserved for society's disgust and dread of sadistic psychopaths so narcissistic that their personal satisfaction and need for celebrity will impel them to the most degraded and unimaginable atrocities.

Identified by one of his chosen names of Luka Rocco Magnotta, and considered the logical and obvious suspect in a grisly murder of another young man in Montreal, this 29-year-old's visage, whose personality so utterly rejects normalcy, gazes out at the public from every newspaper in Canada.  It is hardly surprising that he has a connection with another of Canada's vile psychopaths, Carla Homulka.  Like her he is a misfortune on society.

This is his personality, utterly warped, beyond the psychotic impulses of those who momentarily lose their sense of societal restraint in committing to violent acts of depravity.  This is a man who revels in depraved behaviour so utterly beyond human understanding that he prides himself in his love of destroying life.  He takes to the Internet to boast of his interest in defying normal human values and the boundaries of morality.

Right now, after busying himself with a plan to fulfill his dreams of celebrity as a feared figure who will commit to the most unbelievable excesses of human descent into lunacy, he must be a very happy man.  He has achieved the attention he has so long craved.  The loathing and disgust that people felt for him for his taped acts of cruelty against helpless animals gave him his start.

And now, he has completed the circle, committing the most vile acts his deformed mind could conceive of.  Taking the trouble to very carefully video his planned slaughter of a helpless man, dismembering the body, and then abusing the remains, and finally bundling up discrete portions in another determined choreograph to bring the bright lights of infamy to shine upon him.

Where would the receipt of a mailed package containing a human foot, and a hand in the process of putrefaction and decay most receive attention?  Why forwarded to very the symbols of political power and governance which act would bring in police forces at every level of investigation to determine the source of the grisly message.  A message completed by his deliberate clues left for discovery.

This man has laid out his utter contempt for human society by describing his penchants and desires.  His affection for himself and his lust for attention have combined to produce a monster of revolting proportions.  He has fled, to protect himself from the obvious outcome were he to be apprehended to face trial for his actions.  But he will soon become bored at being wherever he has secreted himself.

He will long to re-create the same reaction from the public once again, to enable him to feel proud of himself, to preen and to strut and to convince himself that his complete lack of human decency somehow makes him superior to those whom he so obviously feels judge him by a standard that is applicable only to the meek and the fearful.

And when he once again strikes out, as his need for notice will compel him to, committing yet another act of desecration of humanity, he will be followed, and he will be captured, and another one of society's monsters will be dealt with in the only way that is possible, to keep society from further harm.

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