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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Confrontational Fascism

Consider the source, above all, when confronted by violent irrationality and unbridled hatred. It doesn't erupt from nowhere. There has to have been a deliberate introduction. Children, after all, don't usually evince suspicion and hatred, they must be led to it. Culturally, socially, politically indoctrinated into a cult of hatred.

Becoming a social contract; one once instilled, is there to stay, to fester and eventually reach its tentacles outward in an inevitable trajectory of proselytizing, sharing with others their rancid antipathy toward others. Prejudice has a way of infiltrating one's inner consciousness, assuming its place in the arsenal of presumed life-coping skills.

Not the very best of emotions, to be certain, but in its own way validating a measure of superiority, that one is part of another entity, not the despised one. It has always been a useful measure of side-tracking criticism of one's own short-comings. Not merely the short-comings of individuals, but those of governing bodies, diverting attention from themselves toward a universal scapegoat for directional blame.

It's a disease of temperament and exclusivity and readily transmittable to others who themselves assume a sympathy for the radical views of popular sentiments, prepared to be assimilated into the culture of hatred toward a readily identifiable group often held in low esteem. The thing of it is, every society is infested with groups prepared to isolate others.

What is happening in universities across North America - and which actually started at University of Toronto, heaven help us all - is merely a reflection of what has occurred on the world stage. For example, within that august world body of equality and respect for others, the United Nations.

Where the nightmare of countries casually and brutally practising human rights abuses have formed a self-supportive cadre of a tight majority singling out one particular country for blame as a human-rights abuser. Just as the UN's World Conference Against Racism was formed to address global racism, religious intolerance and discrimination, and in the process became utterly perverted, so too have university campuses become a blatantly unwitting tool of racism.

Where demeaning and bitterly racist poster cartoons characterize the State of Israel - a parliamentary democracy of equal entitlements and justice under its laws in a sea of dictatorships, monarchies and oligarchies practising rough justice - stands accused of fascism and discriminatory oppression. This is not an isolated instance of rude discrimination on the part of Palestinian sympathizers.

The simple fact is anyone should be sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians, bereft of the opportunity to form their own autonomous region by the simple fact that their leaders have traditionally been more focused on grasping opportunities to enrich themselves, than to order themselves to work on establishing the infrastructure and the will to aspire to nationhood.

What is happening now in universities around North America, is the steady infiltration of aggrieved Arabs and Palestinians - long fed a cultural, social diet of Jew-hatred bolstered by a desire to destroy the single country in the Middle East that presents as 'alien' to the general tradition, culture and religion - into the general academic population to pursue their agenda of demonizing Israel and Jews.

Jewish students at the universities are targeted as supporters of Israel, as agents of a diseased and demonic culture, religion and society. It's passing strange that Jewish student groups do not actively agitate for public opinion denouncing the Arab and Palestinian terror groups that attack the State of Israel, yet Arab and Palestinian students feel entitled to encourage one another to run amok, shouting "death to the Jews!"

This is not vintage Canadian heritage or the expression of Canadian values, to wreak havoc and foment violence against member groups of Canadian society, or yet against other countries of the world. Yet groups like Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights insist on their right to spread hatred and encourage violent actions against Jewish students on campus.

The vicious viral propaganda labelling Israel an 'Apartheid State' is not consonant with the truth, nor is it reflective of the Canadian way, Canada's values and social contract. The Government of Canada itself treads a careful line, not to offend any of its citizens whose heritage values may be offended by political decisions it makes; government has supported a sister-democracy, and denounced a terror group.

The campaign of intimation, harassment and violence, both implied and practised, is deplorable, vicious and unreflective of what Canada stands for. It is what bred the disaster of Air India Flight 182, and it is reflective of what resulted in Nazi ghettos and extermination camps.

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