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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Shooting Star

In the world of fashion and flamboyant personalities, egocentricity is expected, arrogance accepted. But while many of John Galliano's coevals in the industry will continue to befriend and support him, recent revelations of his repugnant racism are reverberating through the news and among those who are accustomed to using their wealth to adorn themselves expensively through the world's fashion houses.

They will have scant wish to contaminate themselves by appearing in public swathed in the admired creations of John Galliano. Their money will be better engaged transformed by the creations of other, equally-endowed designers representing the great international fashion houses' rare and precious inventories. Hosting his repugnant views and his brilliant fashion creations has become a poison pill.

The House of Dior has decided it cannot tolerate supporting the truly egregious public behaviour of a psychologically disturbed individual in arrested adolescence - now also unfit to represent a business enterprise as one who mocks others, as one whose deeply entrenched antipathy toward Jews, coupled with a stated admiration for the world's most infamous Nazi dictator and mass murderer - which effectively places him outside the pale of polite society.

John Galliano has always preened himself, presented himself as an enfant terrible, unable, unwilling, incapable of achieving maturity. His genius at the haute couture drawing board shielded him from any who might conceive an interest in seeing him at closer range. All is forgiven when the monied class see you as a idiosyncratic celebrity whose fashions they are eager to acquire.

Ostentatiously brandishing reputation and the glamour of outlandishly bizarre and garish outfits splendid in their absurdity only served to further burnish his credentials as a fashion icon. Unfortunately, the full kettle tipped too perilously in continued bouts of capricious mannerisms edging toward the socially unacceptable, and the pot recognized the kettle had become unforgivingly black.

No longer glamorous, but a solitary figure of derision and distaste. One who can, in his sober moments of realization, deny and recant and rebuke those who misunderstand him. It was not he who adores Hitler, who wished that more Jews had been deservingly gassed but the devil of self-destruction that genius cannot control.

Betrayed by his muse, which had allowed itself to become corrupted, infusing him with that dread disease.

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