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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just Checking In ...

"Everybody seems to be having this problem of their cats and dogs have anxiety when you leave them alone. And yet nobody has tried to do this."
"We know about that number ($56-billion spent in the U.S. on pets in 2013) and when we heard it, it validated the whole idea for us. That's why we wanted to take it to the next level and make it happen."
"After that, we'll ship our first batch to backers. We haven't put lots of marketing into this thing. I think it's going great."
Andrey Klen, Petcube's creative director

Petcube is the name given to an innovative new electronic device, like a television with a high-definition screen and a computerized communication system. It's the brainchild of founder Alex Neskin who devised the system in a time of introspection after neighbours called the police when his little barking dog, left alone in the house, became an annoyance for them.

There are seven people all told on the Petcube team working out of their home base in Ukraine. Petcube is a four-inch cube of aluminum and glass, with a widescreen camera, microphone and laser. The device's app enables pet owners to watch, talk to and 'play' with their pets at long rate, using a smartphone or tablet, wherever they happen to be, whenever they happen to want to.

The Petcube team has brought their company to the American market post hardware development (in China). It has already got a lineup of 50 interested distributors, including Amazon. Their initial $100,000 funding goal on Kickstarter earned them $251,225 from 1,758 backers in 22 days. And they have received over 500 pre-orders for their device, set to ship out in August.

Before they do that, though, Petcube management is prepared to install their device in the coming months in animal shelters. Mr. Klen states that ten to fifteen devices are to be set up at animal shelters across the United States, where those with the Petcube app will be enabled to watch, speak to and use the laser point in the device to play with rescue animals in real time.

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