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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Factors That Influence Dog Behaviour

Factors That Influence Dog Behaviour

Behavior – ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is created, enabled, influenced and maintained by a series of  interconnected elements including but not limited to…
  • Inherited traits and Acquired traits
    • that define the individual as a unique being
    • these can be subtle variations or obvious variations between individuals
  • Environmental influences (animate, inanimate)
    • past, present and anticipation of future
    • societal beliefs regarding the canine species
    • your past and current approach to training your dog
  • Canine Psychology and Human Psychology
    • the absence or presence of understanding and insight into the psychology of each being as an individual and as a species
  • Communication
  • Conditioned Behavior – canine and human
    • habits
    • associations to animate and inanimate objects, locations, situations
  • Contributing factors such as
These are some of the essential elements that I consider and use to positive advantage when working with a dog and his/her humans. Optimal understanding and insight creates a solid foundation where instinct and logic can work together to create meaningful solutions. This is my approach – a holistic approach based on natural wisdom.

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