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Saturday, May 12, 2018

They've Got Entrepreneurial Talent

"Most parents don't allow kids to speak like that. It's shock value [for attention and notoriety]."
"[Internet stars often turn to] gimmicks."
"Gets right to the edge there [boasting of being part of the illicit drug scene]."
Christopher Schneider, professor of sociology, Brandon University, Manitoba

"[I'm the] youngest flexer [show off/fake] of the century."
"[A] 9-year-old millionaire and I be smoking dope, bitch."
"[I got rich by] moving bricks [drugs]."
"[My] toilet costs more than your rent."
"Gucci from head to toe [ ] broke-ass haters."
Lil Tay, YouTube rapper
Images from Lil Tay's social media posts where she takes on the persona of someone living the high life in the Hollywood Hills.

With 1.7-million followers on Instagram, one can only conclude that the cheap and shallow values held so dear by so many represents a vivid picture of a lost society. This 9-year-old kid's mother's values indicate that the degenerate mindset that exemplifies the rude and nasty language shrilled by an undisciplined and wilful child is shared by generations. The little girl's mother, Vancouver-based, former real estate salesperson, Angela Tian, is proud of her daughter's show business savvy.

No less so with that of the girl's older brother, where the two collaborate; he as the creative mind orchestrating the videos featuring his little sister with their runaway success and groupie followers, she as the enfant terrible making their mother proud that her children are such astute performers attracting the attention of Hollywood. Their facility in "comedy" and "acting" has garnered a large following, exempting the usual suspects: "Some people don't get the joke", says proud mom.

Their Instagram and YouTube videos flaunt wealth and pride where the little girl takes to flashing wads of American bills while spewing shrilly vulgar language at her critics who are, in her parlance "broke-ass haters". They're the public who are appalled at the exhibition of prepubescent vulgarity approved by a doting mother and spurred on by a clued-in brother.

Those who, instead of giving this accomplished talent its just due, feel the exhibition of nauseating child-parody of low-lifing illicit wealth justifies charges of child neglect and child abuse, that all indications are that child welfare authorities are remiss in turning a blind eye to the situation. Purporting to be flaunting her wealth and possessions from sunny California in the Hollywood Hills, some investigative reporting has indicated otherwise.

The $3.6 million highrise condo she traipses through is located in False Creek harbour, downtown Vancouver, where her mother gave unauthorized access to her extraordinarily gifted children. As for the red Mercedes convertible Lil Tay poses in, it is the vehicle owned by her mother's real estate boss who rather took umbrage over the unprincipled use of these sets.

Which, in the end, cost Angela Tian her real estate job. But she is unconcerned, awaiting overtures from the entertainment industry, anxious to sign her daughter to lucrative contracts.

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