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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sociopathic Manipulation

"[The youth jail prisoner is] helpful, thoughtful, engaging, extremely intelligent, and someone who makes friends fast."
"[She also has a great sense of humour, along with an] infectious smile."
Unnamed jail official
Kailey Oliver Machado sentenced as an adult
Kailey Oliver Machado, who has been sentenced to 6.5 years as an adult, is shown in this Facebook photo.

Prison officials and social service workers outdid themselves with fulsome praise speaking of the special qualities inherent in the 18-year-old's personality. One of the jail teachers spoke of her as being a "pleasure to have in the classroom". While she was incarcerated, she took the time and made the effort to be involved in some sixteen education programs on offer, ranging from financial literacy to anger management.

She had "significantly matured", according to 2014 court filings, in the opinion of her probation officer. The jail official who was so taken with her smile, claimed her to represent an asset to youth-jail programs. Staff recognized her as caring and supportive. Another male jail official reported his approval on witnessing that she was "rounding out to be a very nice young lady."

Without a shadow of a doubt that would be of great comfort to the teen-age girls she had coerced and threatened into prostitution. One of whom thought more about committing suicide after what she had been through thanks to this girl with the infectious smile, than about what a nice  young lady her tormentor was seen to be.

Another young girl was so traumatized by the experiences forced upon her that fear has left her feeling unsafe in the city where she had always lived, and where she had been beaten, drugged and forced to have sex with men who paid handsomely for the pleasure they took in what amounted to juvenile rape -- profiting the girl with the infectious smile.

One imagines that although the now young woman was herself more than capable of presenting as a prostitute for hire, she found it far more agreeable to force others as young as thirteen into the degrading profession, leaving herself as their pimp, who collected payment and made all the arrangements for the business she had established for herself.
Kailey Oliver Machado sentenced to 6.5 years
Kailey Oliver Machado, who has been sentenced to 6.5 years as an adult, is shown in this Facebook photo.

And yes, she was indeed intelligent if one is to judge from her school records, a class valedictorian and cheerleader. Who planned, she informed her probation officer, to attend university. She obviously had the brains required to achieve grade results in the 80s in her studies undertaken while in prison. Perhaps she was considering social work as her line of profession.

That was their opinion of her; an exemplary young woman, with good manners and an interest in educating herself, and being helpful to others. Presumably her violence and threats against other  young girls represented a mere lapse in youthful judgement. For which she paid the price imposed by a judge who spoke of what she had done to young girls as a "vile enterprise", sentenced as an adult to  prison, serving 7 months accounting for pre-sentence time served.

Her opinion of society's disciplinary justice imposed upon her for her business acumen was that prison time was "horrible". She did not appreciate her jailers "controlling every aspect of your life", and amazingly, she had established no friendships there. Moreover, she had nothing in common with other inmates whom she spoke of  as "drug addicts from the North".

She, on the other hand, had pleaded guilty to prostitution recruiting, luring and child pornography. When she was released from prison in 2014, her probation officer felt she would benefit from counselling for an "adequate time period". Those whom she criticized in prison for their use of hard drugs were "scary"; she just couldn't relate to them.

However, the model inmate who had performed a "80-degree turn", was arrested last week on two counts of crack-cocaine trafficking and one count of proceeds of crime.

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