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Friday, November 25, 2016

Which is the Oppressor now, the Heterosexual or the Homosexual?

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In the ongoing saga of University of Toronto psychology Professor Jordan Peterson, he is being reviled and excoriated by the vast army of the politically correct for having exhibiting publicly the unacceptable temerity as an individual who refuses to succumb to the popular social demands that what the LGBTQ2 community calls 'straights' accept without question their language rights. Infusing them with the epithet of 'homophobic' for failing to bow to ever-increasing, more ludicrously gender-bending demands of recognition and obeisance to the agenda of harnessing righteous indignation that among the 99% of society's heterosexuals there are those who refuse to honour their precious tantrums.

Professor Peterson posted several videos wherein he made it clear that the preposterous demands that language be co-opted and coded to reflect the vast cornucopia of new and evolving gender identities requiring that the prevailing, traditional historical language of gender identity be scrapped in favour of adopting LGBTQ2's labyrinthine logic that distorting pronouns well beyond recognition will satisfy the wounded psyches of those who happen not to fall into the recognized and naturally occurring sex roles of male and female.

Tyler Anderson/National Post
Tyler Anderson/National Post    Quinn Valkyrie holds a sign at a protest against anti-political correctness professor Jordan Peterson at University of Toronto on Oct. 5.
The passions that Professor Peterson's perfectly sane explanation that language, though malleable, should never be the victim of a minuscule minority's field of complex identity issues aggressively pursued so that the general public has an obligation to learn a multitude of pronouns to satisfy the whimsical demands of that wounded one percent in society confused about their gender identities, has been swift and corrosive. His more 'understanding', compassionate and politically correct academic peers were quick to criticize his outspokenness. His university has looked askance at the controversy and his academic standing within it may be imperilled.

Governments themselves are literally bending over backwards, pretzelling themselves to bend language completely out of shape and understanding in a confusion of responses, all genuflecting in the direction of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community which has been enthusiastically  engaged in proving that tired old adage that it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. And so, amendments which recently passed in the Canadian House of Commons after having been given the green light of acceptability by the Canadian Human Rights Code and the Criminal Code add "gender identity" and "gender expression" as grounds for legal protection in Canada.

The University of Toronto set up a forum to argue the need for those amendments. On the dissenting side was Professor Peterson, and on the assent-demand side were two female professors, one of whom was Dr. Mary Bryson of the University of British Columbia, both experts on the issue of gender identity and gender expression. Perhaps both also qualify as experts on gender oppression as well, intimidating and threatening those whose social morals don't quite align with their own. It has been reported that a former student of a Women's Studies course in 1991 at UBC found herself in a state of fearful and disgusted apprehension taking Dr. Bryson's course.

U of T Professor Jordan Peterson debates Bill C-16 on Nov. 19, 2016.
Dave Abel/Postmedia Network   U of T Professor Jordan Peterson debates Bill C-16 on Nov. 19, 2016. Dr. Bryson is third from left.
"The students sat there in stunned, awkward silence. We had no idea what to say, what to do or where to look."
"We told them [the university] everything that was happening I assumed that Bryson wouldn't be permitted to teach at UBC any more."
"Imagine a male professor forcing female students to watch violent pornography. Imagine a male professor inviting a male guest speaker to drop his pants and expose himself to students. Imagine this prof telling students how to dress for his class and forcing them to publicly announce their personal grooming habits and their sexual orientation, and then proceed to shame students on that basis."
"It would be a national scandal."
Former UBC student, name withheld

"We take seriously any concerns raised by past or current students about their learning experiences at UBC."
"[However, the university requires] some time to look through our files as this involves a course taught 25 years ago."
Dr. Angela Redish, provost, acting academic vice-president, UBC
Professor Bryson, one of the two who debated against Professor Peterson on Bill C-165 and the Ontario Human Rights Code gender provisions, was not dismissed from UBC's teaching staff. What did occur in fact was that she became tenured, then was elevated to the post of director of the university's Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, and more latterly was named senior associate dean of the education faculty. The young woman, now in her mid-40s who spoke of her ordeal in Professor Bryson's Women's Studies class graduated with her master's in religious studies from UBC and moved on and into her career, her experience with Dr. Bryson, a bad memory.

The course she took part in was labelled "From the Margins: Lesbian Subjects Matter". In 1993 an article written by Dr. Bryson and a co-author, described a course co-taught by them in 1991. Their article was titled "Queer Pedagogy: Praxis Makes Im/Perfect", published in the Canadian Journal of Education. In the article they pointed out that the heterosexual and white students in their class were informed they would need to "function and circulate differently in a lesbian-identified space". Their students were advised to "choose either to remain silent about their sexual identification or to present themselves as 'out lesbians'."

Their class, they pointed out was one where the "unsayable" could be uttered, where so-called deviant images could be represented ... within the oppressive confines of the always-already heterosexualized classrooms. Where heterosexuals were identified as the enemy and, in the words of the former student "those of us who liked men, who had intimate relations with men were mocked .... " Aside from declaring their sexual orientation, students were informed that all sex with men was inherently violet. The students were exposed to a "Butch/Femme in Paradise", short video containing graphic images, which Dr. Bryson explains as "an art film" where the activities were "entirely consensual".

Actually, degenerate is the first descriptive that comes to mind.

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