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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holy Cow!

At the very least it's the wholesome liquid product that we depend upon from cows to feed our young that should be holy, in the sense that its constituents are completely reliable. Yet during an inspection of baby formula to determine whether claims used in advertisements and labels violated nutrient content claims of diet-related health claims in Canada's food and drug regulations, problems were noted.

The inspections represented a joint venture of Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in response to a year's-worth of complains about advertising and labelling of infant formula in a industry-wide gambit to win the loyalty of new parents. New parents anxious to obtain the very best nutritive advantages for their children. Who succumb to the blandishments of manufacturers, believing what they read to be true.

Internal records of CFIA documents found inspectors to have focused on the largest industry groups in the business: Nestle Canada Inc., Mead Johnson Nutritionals Inc. and Abbott Laboratories Ltd. This close scrutiny of infant-formula manufacturers took place with the realization that there exists "a current high level of non-compliance within the industry".

And since we're discussing infant formula and the gullibility of their parents in believing industry claims, this is pretty serious stuff. "Prosecution is a very likely option", was the written opinion of the project manager of the joint CFIA and Health Canada inspections after their infant formula marketing scrutiny was concluded.

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